Time savers in the Lizards veggie garden

Life has been so busy and spring kind of crept up on me.  I realised I had been neglecting the lizards veggie garden and had a spurt of activity.

I eagerly set about getting the containers ready with compost on a really Saturday afternoon, only to find out all my vegetable seeds had gone mouldy over the winter and I had nothing left!

Panic! Luckily we live very close to a Range store which stocks ready to plant out vegetables and fruit plants.

I’m saved: with 15 minutes to store closing time, I leave with two Courgette plants, two Butternut squash plants, a Coriander (or Cilantro as our American cousins like to call it) and some Mangetout plants., along with a selection of Nasturtium and Parsley seeds.

All ready to be planted out, with none of the hassle of waiting for seeds to germinate, careful picking out and replanting into containers.  This is a great time and space-saving tip.

If you are new to growing veggies for your lizards then this is agreat way for you get started with commonly available veggies from reputable stores.

Alternatively I find local craft fairs and markets a great source of ready to plant veggies.

if you have neighbours who are into growing vegetables get talking and ask them if they have a surplus of a vegetable you need, they might be able to give you some ready to plant out specimens, from their prickings, as generally when growing from seed gardeners produce too many seedlings

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