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Autumn is here in the lizard garden

Its been such a busy year, time has flown by so fast and I didn’t realise how quickly until the hibiscus finished flowering, although the nasturtiums are hanging in there still, despite the colder weather we are still getting a couple of flowers for the lizards to eat.

The slugs and snails seem to have the leeks and lettuces that I grew, but the lizards have been eating plenty home grown strawberries and runner beans. My friend gave me some runner bean seedling which I planted out in grow bags, and they have been providing lots of long green beans since July, which the lizards seems to be enjoying, although you have chop them as the peas inside can be on the large side. These are almost over now though. Cheech the iguana likes to eat these from our hand, biting off mouthfuls.
It’s time to start thinking about the over winter foods, I think mustard and collard greens outdoors and clover, alfalfa and mustard/cress sproutings indoors are a good start.
I have never tried to grow clover before so I will do a special post on growing sprouts from the start to finish.
I think the landcress might survive the winter if its kept under the sun tunnels, so plan to plant these this weekend.

I have to try and get as many food types sown before the weather gets too cold and definately before the nights start to draw in, once the clocks go back at the end of October.

We are still missing our dear little Bindi madly and decided not to get another female companion for Pooky, he’s happy being a mummies boy and playing on the sympathy of being a widower.

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