Herbs lizards love

Coriander, Parsley and chives are a good food for lizards and we grow each of these in the back garden especially as we can eat them too.

I have found that chives are easy to grow from seed and if you keep cutting them regularly they will keep you going all year round.  Coriander and parsley however take a long time from seed in my experience so this year I have bought some potted specimens from the supermarket £1.79 and from our local Range store for a very reasonable 99p.

There are some long thin containers in our yard perfect for a herb garden, filled with organic compost I have planted coriander, parsley and chives in this container and also in some separate smaller containers.  With coriander you need to watch it doesn’t start flowering and go to seed too quickly when the weather gets hot by watering regularly and also cutting as often you can to feed the lizards and this will keep the growth fresh and going throughout the summer.  Parsley will keep growing throughout the year if you look after it during the winter months.

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