Nasturtiums and Landcress

It’s been a while since my last update, we have had some good weather of over the last few weeks and the seedlings have been doing well.

The nasturtiums have shot up and the landcress too.

It’s now time to pick the mustards I grew over the winter as they have reached their maximum size and the warm weather has meant they have started to flower and go to seed, better pick them and now and use them before they are useless.

Here are some pics:

Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens


landcress seedlings

landcress seedlings


Nasturtium seedlings

Nasturtium seedlings



  1. burstmode said

    so are the reptiles eating these?

    • iguanagirl77 said

      In a few months time when the nasturtiums are flowering and the landcress is a few inches long, the lizards will be eating these for dinner.

      The nasturtiums will be in flower for a couple of months and so provide food throughout the summer. Although I will have to plant seeds every couple of weeks in order to grow enough to feed three hungry lizards.

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