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Pruning hibiscus plants 21st feb

Hibiscuswere the first plants I bought for my lizard garden as they can eat the leaves and flowers, I bought a ready to plant root from Woolworths a few years ago and added another four a year later.  These are great because they don’t need much looking after and produce loads of leaves and huge flowers all summer. I have also found that you can freeze these leaves, but once defrosted you must ensure they eaten by the lizard as soon as possible otherwise they turn to mush.

Now the risk of frost has lessened I have pruned all the twiggy stems back as far as possible, as in the summer all the pruned twigs will produce new growth.

Pruned hibiscus

Pruned hibiscus

These are planted in a homemade container made from some plywood and a few bits of off-cut wood which make the corner struts, then filled with good quality compost.  Each spring they are pruned right back and given a new layer of mulch, this year I also added some wood chippings to try and keep the  neighbours cats off, as they try to use this as a toilet, but putting a trellis border around the container and another trellis over the top, seems to have kept them at bay.

It is hard to keep the cats away without using any of the chemical and expensive electronic repellents, but as I want to be organic and cost effective, the trellis and chasing them off armed with a water spray seems to working so far.

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Sowing seeds and over wintering plants

(from 14th feb)
Well spring isn’t quite here, and has been far to cold and snowy to really plant any seeds outside, but the mustard greens which I planted in October are still alive as you can see, a little  on the small side but alive. 


The mustard greens and collard greens which I planted in November in the sun tunnels have begun to grow faster and the mustard greens are ready to come out of the tunnels now.


I planted some dandelion and landcress seeds in some cat litter trays I bought cheaply from our local Range store with some seeding compost from B&Q which are are in the small canvas greenhouse I also bought from the range, hopefully they will germinate soon, now the weather is milder.

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First blog

Cheech and I

Cheech and I

Hi, I’m Iguanagirl and I own a 9 year old green iguana and two young Uromastyx lizards and grow as much food organically in my garden for them as possible.  They love it!

If you own a vegetarian lizard and are interested in growing your own veggies and flowers for them to eat, then check out my blog to find out what I grow, when I grow it and many other hints and tips.

I am just starting out, so check back soon to find out whats been happening in the garden in February.

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